Introducing our uniquely blended 9" taper candle pairs made from a bespoke blend of our beeswax and coconut wax! You won't find these candles anywhere else and they burn like a dream <3


Available with Lavender Essential Oil, Orange & Bergamot Essential Oil and Unscented


Each order will contain two 9" tapers. 


Our hand moulded beeswax & coconut taper candles are expertly crafted to deliver a perfect natural taper candle. They have a natural cotton wick and are available unscented, with a Lavender Essential oil blend and Orange & Bergamot Essential oil.

Each taper will burn for approximately 8 hours.


Candle Care

To prevent an uneven burn always burn your candles long enough for the melt pool to reach the edges of your candle. 

Always trim your candle wick before re-lighting to prevent 'mushrooming' and wick 'debris' in your candle which could act as a secondary wick. 

Stay Safe ~ Never leave any candles burning unattended and always ensure they are placed on a heat-proof surface and cannot be knocked over. Keep them out of reach of children and animals and ensure they are a safe distance away from any other flamable items, materials, surface and other candles. 

Beeswax & Coconut Tapers

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