Our Signature 'Calm' Essential oil blend delivers aromatic lavender notes, with refreshing twists of lemon and madarin with hints of green basil. An earthy woody base make this the perfect scent for a soak in hot bath or a cozy read before bedtime. Perfect for those anxious minds who find it hard to switch off!


  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty-free Fragrance oil
  • Paraffin free
  • Comes in a recyclable amber glass jar
  • Plastic-free product
  • Hand-poured with love in the UK.


All our candles are made from our favourite all-natural coconut wax blend, with high-quality and vegan-friendly fragrance oils. Our wax burns cleanly and slowly and we test our wicks extensively to ensure a level, steady burn.

Our 'little' candles are 120ml and will burn for up to 25 hours.

Our 'large' candles are 180ml and will burn for around 35 hours. 

Candle Care

To prevent an uneven burn always burn your candles long enough for the melt pool to reach the edges of your candle. 

Always trim your candle wick before re-lighting to 5mm to prevent 'mushrooming' and wick 'debris' in your candle which could act as a secondary wick. 

Stay Safe ~ Never leave any candles burning unattended and always ensure they are placed on a heat-proof surface and cannot be knocked over. Keep them out of reach of children and animals and ensure they are a safe distance away from any other flamable items, materials, surface and other candles. 

Calm Essential Oil Candle

  • No Return, No Refund and No Exchange